Bore Stain Removal

Reliable bore stain removal in Perth Metropolitan Region

Here at Irvine Industries, we offer a broad range of products relating to bore water systems. Our two primary products are Boresaver Liquid and NoStain Bore Controller, which allow us to provide practical solutions to a wide range of problems.

Boresaver Liquid

If you're struggling with blocked pipes, valves or sprinklers, Boresaver Liquid might be the solution you need. Our experts developed it specifically to eliminate the sticky, slimy mass which can form in your pipes and cause staining.

We inject Boresaver Liquid into your bores after they have been cleaned with an appropriate bore cleaner, killing bacteria and preventing staining and blockages. While bacteria will return over time, regular treatment with Boresaver Liquid is an excellent solution. We recommend a weekly treatment.
irvine industries bore water stains before and after
For a submersible pump, Boresaver Liquid should be poured into a pipe going down the bore by hand. For a centrifugal pump, if there is no bore casing, a tube must be installed below the check valve. No matter how you are pouring it, Boresaver Liquid should be shaken before use, and allowed to remain in the bore for about 48 hours.
irvine industries stains before and after

The NoStain Bore Controller

In our extensive experience with bore water systems, the team at Irvine Industries has seen all kinds of problems – and developed solutions for them. One problem that many systems suffer from is iron contamination, which can be caused by both dissolved iron and bacterial iron.

Our state-of-the-art solution is the NoStain Bore Controller. The Controller is a 250-litre reservoir, filled with water and mixed with our special Stain Stopper solution, which can be connected to your bore or fitted to a submersible or centrifugal pump.

When the reticulation unit is started, the injector is fed a small amount of pressure. The NoStain Bore Controller will then inject Stain Stopper into your bore, where it will attach to iron particles in the water, preventing oxidisation – otherwise known as rust – and stopping stains from forming.

Please note that we will need you to send a water sample to our laboratory in Perth before sale, so that we can properly calibrate your system to your specific needs.


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